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How To Use The Real Estate Video Bonus

When you buy Explaindio using my link you will get access to Explaindio project files for all the videos below. Simply import the project files into your Explaindio desktop, personalize them, and make them yours.


Watch the video at the left and see how easy it is!


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2014 Home Buyer Trends Video Infographic
You can get this video up with your own information in less than 2 minutes. Then upload it to YouTube, publish it on your blog, and syndicate on the Web. I removed the music ... add your own with one of the music tracks in Explaindio.




184 Things A REALTOR Does To Sell Your Home


Wait till you see how easy it is to personalize this video and get it up on YouTube ... and put it on your blog. This is classic information taken directly from testimony to the United States Congress. What a great way to attract prospects, especially for-sale-by-owner sellers (FSBOs).



Baby Boomer Housing Trends INFOGRAPHIC
This information is hot off the presses in the "2014 NAR Profile of Home Buyers And Sellers." You can personalize this slide and have it ready to upload to your video host in less than 5 minutes (if you're taking your time and you are not in a hurry).  Select any music track from Explaindio or your private music gallery.



FSBO Squeeze Page Video Generates Seller Leads

This short, 42-second video is perfect for a squeeze page. Offer a special market report in exchange for a their email. 


Personalize Slides #1, 4, 5. It will take you a couple of minutes and your video will be ready to upload to YouTube and syndicate on the Web.




Bonus #5

What Home Sellers Need To Know About The MLS

The multiple listing service is your secret sauce. FSBOs don't have that kind of exposure for the properties. Leverage your crown jewel with a fun, engaging video commercial that will make your seller prospects smile. Shed that "salesy" image and have fun.



The Real Estate Closing Is The End Game For Buyers And Sellers


There's more to selling a home than signing a contract! Underscore your value proposition when you sell a home. Home sellers do not understand how much work goes into a transaction after a sales contract is signed. Select any music track from Explaindio or your private music gallery.



Are You A Real Estate Marketing Super Hero?

This video highlights important components in a real estate marketing plan. Please pay attention to the promises in this video. You can edit the video to include marketing tools you use .. and edit out the tools you do not use.

For instance, the video points to single-property websites - each property gets its own domain name. If you do not offer that service you can simply and easily delete the slides, or edit them to feature your personal marketing preferences.




Home Inspections Don't Have To Be Deal Killers

We know how important it is to keep on top of all the details of a lhome inspection during a real estate sales transactions. FSBOs often learn this lesson the hard way. This video is a playful reminder of the role a real estate agent plays in the home sale process.


It's very easy to personalize this video. Place it on your blog and a squeeze page and blast it across social media. You can have fun with this without looking too "salesly"




Real Estate Home Buyer Video Commercial

Here's a great video for buyer agents ... have fun sharing your USP without sounding too "salesy". You will get the complete project file for this video (and 9 more real estate videos!) when you purchase the  Explaindio video creator using this link on this page. You can get this video up with your own information in less than 2 minutes. Then upload it to YouTube, publish it on your blog, and syndicate on the Web. Use one of the many music tracks on Explaindio, or use an mp3 music track from your own library.




Let's Shack Up | Housing Survey Infographic


This video is curated with information from a major housing survey of unmarried couples by the public relations team at Trulia.com. 


Real estate data and survey results don't have to be "dry" and "boring." Have fun with facts. Your website visitors will appreciate your efforts to engage them in a fun, informative series of videos. You will build their trust and win their affection. When it's time for them to call a real estate professional, you will be more likely to get that call. 



Real Estate Social Media Policies And Procedures Manual
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